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Audio described films

Ego by Northern Ballet (with Audio Introduction)

Most of us have an alter ego hiding under the surface. We try our best to keep it in, but sometimes it escapes.

Using world class ballet, krump, popping and bboying we witness different moments played out in pure contrast by four incredible dancers.

This is EGO, a Northern Ballet original dance film with audio description by VocalEyes.

The Growing Project: Growing Inclusive Communities (with Audio Introduction)

A documentary film telling the magical story of how the lives of Birmingham’s homeless and vulnerable communities are being transformed through gardening together.

The Hatchling by Trigger (with Audio Introduction)

A dragon came to Plymouth! She hatched the size of a single-decker bus, grew to the size of a double-decker, before transforming into a beautiful, flying dragon who took to the skies cross Plymouth Sound, and off into the sunset.

Ma Vie by Northern Ballet (with Audio Introduction)

His name became a symbol of debauchery. But his life story is one of suffering, conflicts and resilience. This is a Northern Ballet original dance film by Dickson Mbi. Inspired by the legend of Casanova.

Swim Club (with BSL)

This uplifting short film explores the community, camaraderie, and vulnerability of a close-knit group of wild swimmers.

PASSING (with Audio Description)

PASSING, the new film from UK-Based artist Jo Bannon, invites us to pay attention to the barely visible but highly choreographed ways in which we all perform, or pass, on stage and in everyday life. Working with Sindri, a visually impaired dancer, and Augusto, a sleight of hand magician, Jo draws parallels between the two, beckoning us to peek behind the pink velvet curtain and witness the magic of their hands, the virtuosity in their movements.

As a visually impaired artist, she experiments with sensory modes of seeing, including audio description, tactile cinematography, ASMR sound design and close up choreographies to disrupt the primacy of vision in engaging with art, proposing a more embodied way of ‘seeing’.

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